Apart Hotel Greenwood




Apart Hotel Greenwood is an elegant new apartment with a panoramic view of the sea and the Botanical Garden. Here you are guaranteed a comfortable and cozy rest.

The apartments are located in the elite area of ​​the city on French Boulevard, not far from the famous tourist district of Arcadia. This is one of the best clubhouses on French Boulevard, in the first line from the sea.

Apart Hotel Greenwood borders the Botanical Garden, so the windows of the apartments overlook the luxurious garden and have a panoramic view of the sea. Guests can enjoy peace and clean sea air. The territory of the complex is completely under 24-hour security, the car can be left in the underground parking lot or in the parking lot next to the house.
The complex has a generator, so the elevators are always working.
The nearest restaurants and cafes can be reached in 5-10 minutes.

You can start your morning with a run on the Health Route, continue the day on spacious beaches and meet a romantic evening in Arcadia.

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Odesa, str. 85/5 French Boulevard

For all questions about booking apartments contact +38 097 900 30 77

Or follow the link to the direct website of the Apart Hotel Greenwood.